Creative Arts Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy improves the mental health of children and uses art, drama, music, dance and movement to obtain positive therapeutic outcomes.

Art & Drama Space

Therapy can help unlock unrealised educational and personal potential by addressing problems being experienced at home or school.  It can also help improve mental health and wellbeing, build resilience, and promote emotional literacy.  Art & Drama Space provides a place where children can safely explore their story.  Many referrals are received from schools where teachers have identified children experiencing problems.  We also receive referrals from other partner agencies as well as self-referrals.  Many children at risk of exclusion and experiencing significant trauma or difficulties have been helped by this service.

Our therapists: Dramatherapists and Art Therapists offer sessions (both individual and group) one day a week in the school term throughout the academic year (40 sessions per annum). We have increased capacity by offering placements to students studying Art or Drama therapy at MA level at local universities.  They provide a much valued and professional extension to the work of our qualified therapists by taking on further children referred to us.  For more information or to make referrals contact the St. Vincent’s Family Project office ( or your school SENCO.

Dance & Movement Space

Dance & Movement Space works with children to support enduring emotional connectedness to prepare for healthy independence. Our trainee Dance & Movement Psychotherapists help in three main ways a) supporting emotional and physical attunement that creates a sense of being seen, b) providing opportunities for reflecting on movement and associated emotions which raise body awareness and the ability to use the body as a tool to access the internal world and c) increasing self-esteem and the ability to take decisions.  The Dance & Movement Space therapy currently works with the families and children that attend St. Vincent’s Family Project, with the referrals coming from those who attend the Family Space range of programmes.