Find out more about St. Vincent’s Family project by watching these videos.

Christina is a parent at St Vincent’s Family Project, she is originally from Greece and says of St. Vincent’s,

We felt so welcome at St. Vincent’s. Raising a kid in London can be an experience of isolation.  Coming to the centre of London, in front of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey and finding a safe haven is what makes the St Vincent’s Family Project so special.


Viola is a volunteer at St. Vincent’s, gaining valuable experience before pursuing further training in her career as an Art Therapist

I fell in love with St. Vincent’s as soon as I came here.  The diversity, location and alternative therapies that are on offer at St Vincent’s make it such an enjoyable place to be.


Rebecca is a student intern from Sweden.  Rebecca is studying Social Work in Sweden and came to St Vincent’s as an Erasmus Scholar.  Sweden has a very different Social Care system than the UK so this placement has given Rebecca a valuable insight into how a multi-cultural city responds to the needs of its community.  You can read Rebecca’s blog from her time in London here.

Coming to St Vincent’s was a life changing opportunity for me.  This was the first time I have had the opportunity to live in a big city and get to know children and staff from all around the world.

Claudette is a volunteer with the St Vincent’s Family Project, having previously been a parent who used our services.  As someone who lives locally Claudette is testament to the community spirit within St Vincent’s Family Project.

I have met so many different people, because of the diversity of the people who come to St Vincent’s I have had my eyes opened to so many different cultures. St Vincent’s is such a welcoming place that I hope it is still around when my own children have children!

If you want to know more about volunteering or interning with St Vincent’s Family Project, please click here.