Family Space

Family Space provides holistic support for vulnerable pre-school age families.  Within Family Space a full programme of support and activities are offered.

Family Space has a Drop-In Centre with activities for children and parents/carers including alternative therapies, such as Reflexology, massage, Aromatherapy, group and one-to-one support opportunities, and access to visiting professionals (Child Psychologist, Speech & Language Therapist and a Social Worker).  Crèche facilities where parents can leave children (up to 5 years old) in a safe environment while they attend development courses or support groups or just enjoy some ‘space’.  Children meet others their own age and learn to make new friends as well as enjoying a range of creative activities in the care of qualified and experienced staff.  Staff can also offer guidance on child development and behaviour management.

A range of development courses enable parents to develop their skills and enhance their own experience of family.  Programmes include a range of Parenting courses (Mellow Parenting and the Positive Parenting Programme) and a Healthy Living course. These groups emphasise the sharing of experiences and mutual support, in a gentle and affirming community environment.

As part of the range of service that SVFP offers families, there is Advice Space.  Advice Space, in partnership with Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, provides the opportunity for families to seek Specialised and Generalist Advice.  In the midst of the current budget restrictions, more restrictive immigration legislation and housing shortage, families with multiple levels of need and deprivation require sound legal advice and support.  This pilot provides just and fair access to these services and support.  Key elements of Advice Space are ) help with rent arrears, benefits and Council Tax, b) Tribunal Representation, c) help with housing problems and d) free advice and support for vulnerable people with household debt or welfare problems.

For further information about any of these services contact St. Vincent’s Family Project office on 020 7654 5352, or see this month’s programme of activities.