Our You2TellEU project

For the past year SVFP have been working on the You2TellEU project in conjunction with ANCI Italy and CEPESE Portugal. We have been researching the experiences of those born in former Easter European communist countries to help understand the current role of historical memory in the EU community. Many immigrants have had a unique experience of living in two very different environments. We are celebrating the stories of cross-EU migration that we hear from many of our families, through short story-telling documentaries such as a short snippet of one of our interviews below with Fabian and Izabela:


Interviews such as this one will aid EU research and thus, we are very grateful to those who helped. To celebrate those who helped us with the project, we put on an awards ceremony at the end of October 2017. Each participant was given a surprise Lola’s Cupcake as a big thank you!

Here are some photos from the event with special thanks to Tobia Grieco  for the photos:

For more information visit: www.facebook.com/You2TellEU